Sheltered from the Storm, LLC

There is a healthy way to face the storms of life and to sort through the debris. This is one of the benefits of counseling.

The debris, from the storms of life, is often reflected in our daily lives. We become distracted with feelings of anger, frustration and irritation. We resort to finding unhealthy ways to cope such as, excessive shopping, and overeating. Maybe we even try to numb ourselves by overusing prescription drugs or drinking too much alcohol.

As we navigate our relationships with family, friends and neighbors, we find ourselves struggling and discover that we need help. There is help.

  • Have you been feeling sad or “blue” lately?
  • Do you feel constantly disappointed, uninterested, or cynical with things?
  • Are you isolating from friends and family because you just don’t feel like talking?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired and frustrated by too many responsibilities and not enough time?
  • Do you find yourself just getting through the day and not really living?

As a counselor I invite you to take my hand and together go on a journey to find YOUR shelter from the storms of life.

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